You know you’re in Alabama when…

1.You take the kids out to dinner and get a few orders of chicken fingers and fries. The kids also order chicken fingers and fries.

2.You know better than to hop straight into your car on a summer day. Doing so will lead to certain death,  so you stand outside and sweat for a few minutes and wait for your seat to cool to outside temperature.

3.The legal drinking age is 21, but the real drinking age is 14

4.You can no longer drive five miles without seeing an Alexander Shunnarah billboard.

5.The roads are filled with lifted trucks with Mossy Oak decals on the back windows.

6. The sweet tea is the consistency of maple syrup

7. You wear your winter coat for fashion only

8.You see folks with tattoos of state colleges that they never attended.

9. Houndstooth is more than just a pattern its a way of life.

10. The yearly family vacation is always to the Gulf.

11. Marriage and kids are expected by age 25.

12. Your air conditioner is running ten months out of the year.

13. The only sport worth watching is college football. If you’re one of the seven people in the state who is not a football fan, you know that the best time to go grocery shopping is during the game.

Best movie theatre in Alabama is….

Playhouse Cinemas located in Alexander City, Alabama its a nice little small theatre that holds only three screens. but don’t let its size fool you I’ve seen folks come from as far as Montgomery and Birmingham to pack this small theatre on weekends way back  in 2013 I ran into one lady that said she had come all the way from mobile just to see The Conjuring. and just last weekend I met someone who had just come out of playhouse after seeing the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie he said he was coming back in a few weeks to see the Wonder Woman movie. If your looking for cheap ticket prices they don’t come cheaper than this especially for matinees the concession isn’t bad either with items like Popcorn. Nachos N Cheese. Candy. and Ice Cold Drinks.

Huge percentage of Alabamians accept friend requests from fake profiles

The picture below generally means someone has sent or accepted a friend request  but beware not all not all accounts are legit study says a huge percentage of Alabamians accept friend requests from fake profiles that  usually turn out to be spam bots or scammers. “I got three friend requests from the same person in one day I didn’t really think much of it until I checked my friends list and saw four folks with the same first and last name  and even the same profile picture it was  kind of  a Norman Bates type  scenario Whos – Who?.” says Drew Bach of Cullman, Alabama. Researchers say by accepting friend requests from random strangers you are leaving facebook profile open to the possibility of hacking and even viruses. but there are ways to determine Whos Fake and Whos Real.

  1. Check to see if you or the person you receive a request from have  any mutual friends in common.
  2. Do not accept friend requests from anyone that does not have a profile picture.
  3. Do not accept friend requests from someone that has His/Her Facebook info hidden.




Mother, young daughter killed in separate accidents within hour

Valley Head police confirm a mother and her young daughter were killed in separate vehicle wrecks Tuesday afternoon. 39-year old Julia Yates Patterson collided with another vehicle on Alabama 117 in the middle of Valley Head at about 3 p.m. About half an hour later Patterson’s young daughter  8-year old Libby Patterson was hit by a vehicle while out in the street. both were pronounced dead on the scene

Here comes the Alabama Heat

Looking at Accu Weather we are in for 80s and 70s for atleast the next three weeks and that’s just based on what I’ve read on Accu weather I haven’t read the entire 90 day forecast yet the coolest day in the lineup looks to be on Saturday March 25th and even that’s not bad at 74. Now going by Accu the next coolest  days are in April where it looks like we will only make it into the low 70s and upper 60s a few times but still not too Shabby. So for those tired of the cold looks like the Warmth is here for awhile. but as the saying goes we’ll most likely have atleast one more cold spell before the warmth stays.

You can visit Accu Weather online  type in your location in the search bar on Accu’s website then click on extended and  you’ll be able to see a 90 day forecast for your location .

And a reminder as the weather turns Warm please remember to drink plenty of Water if your urine is dark its a sign you need to drink more Water.

And also since we are Technically only in Spring  that means Pollen is very abundant everywhere so if you have Allergy trouble around this time of year (like I do) from being around pollen then maybe its a good idea to avoid some outside activities

It’s too early for Football!!!!

Just the other day I was talking with someone he said “I think Auburn will have atleast 9 wins this year” two weeks earlier I had a similar conversation with another person that went like this “This could possibly be the best team Alabama has ever fielded under Coach Saban.” My response to both “How can you be so sure when the season hasn’t even started yet?” Yes both Alabama and Auburn have kicked off spring practice but there are plenty of other things going on now March Madness. Baseball is in full swing. and Summer has come early in Alabama it seems with all the nice weather. Why not enjoy some of those things instead of pondering over something that is still a few months away? I don’t wake up every morning wondering if Alabama will beat Florida State to start the season. or If 2017 will be Gus Malzahn’s last on the plains. or If Nick Saban will head back to the Dolphins after this year (okay that last one was sarcastic Nick Saban isn’t going back to the NFL and he surely isn’t heading back to the Dolphins.) Seriously folks save these kind of conversations until a week or two before the first game when we know what the depth charts are and who the starters are hold off on all the Roll Tide’s and War Eagle’s for now and Just Chill…It’s too early for Football.promo304118807