Haunted Parkwood Apartments

Located on 4th avenue in south Birmingham the site of a horrible homicide in the 70’s . Ever year in January on the anniversary of the murders, blood appears to ooze from the upstairs foyer, the stench of burning human flesh is pungent. and one woman reported feeling fingers caress her neck and bosom. Many believe the apparition to be that of the murderer who was never foundhaunted_house_premade_background_by_jumpfer_stock-d6wi00u

The Spookiest Mansion in Alabama

Is The Jemison-Van de Graaff Mansion located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at 1305 Greensboro Avenue built between the years 1859-1862. The 15,400 square foot mansiuon is home to all sorts of paranormal activity. The apparition of a small girl has been seen hanging around the staircase as well as sounds of heavy footsteps and music a wall mirror was also reportedly thrown at a young bride while she was getting ready for wedding that was going to take place at the mansionhaunted_house_premade_background_by_jumpfer_stock-d6wi00u

The Brick House with a dark history in Rockford, Alabama

On 231 in Rockford, Alabama about three miles from the Rockford caution light sits a brick house that is the home of atleast one murder and lots of paranormal activity. a Mother and her Daughter were both murdered at the house rumor has it that both were murdered by the daughters ex boyfriend though this has never been confirmed or denied as the case is still unsolved.


A couple with two children moved into the house and the mother reportedly kept hearing noises in the home. Her son who was 9 slept in the backroom which is reportedly where one of the previous women were shot . The boy reportedly came into his mothers living room one night and told his mom “They won’t stop turning my TV channel.” She said “Who son?” and the boy replied “The ladies in my room.”  when the mother went to check she found there was no one in the room.haunted_house_premade_background_by_jumpfer_stock-d6wi00u

Did you know the Walmart in Boaz, Alabama is haunted?

Back in the 1900s a man was murdered where the Wal-Mart stands today. His ghost haunted the area for some time after the murder. There have been strange things happening in the parking lot since they built  the Wal-Mart. The location of the murder was roughly the middle of the parking lot. It was a field back then. Open car doors have been slamming shut on their own if you park in that part of the parking lot. Park in the middle of the lot and leave your door open while you pack your car and he might slam your door shut.haunted_house_premade_background_by_jumpfer_stock-d6wi00u